Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tattooed hottie...almost...

Have you ever had an experience where your body and your brain just don't agree?

I've been wanting a tattoo for a long, long time. I've been deciding what I want forever and I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to it. I finally decided and picked the size and coloring. I had talked to that part of my conscience that thinks it is wrong and had told her to shove it. I even warned my BFF so it wouldn't come as a surprise.

Yesterday was the day. I got up and got ready and was really excited for it. The husband and I drove out to a very reputable place where we had seen some good work come out of. I was getting a little anxious on the drive but was mostly excited.

We pulled up to the place and parked right in front. All of a sudden, I was terrified. Tears started pouring out of my eyes and I couldn't get out of the car. I couldn't explain why. I want a tattoo. I don't think the pain will be too excruciating. I just couldn't make myself do it. I feel like the girl who cried wolf. I will get one. I just have to figure out what is making me such a baby.

Momma me? Eh?

Is it just me or is everyone and their sister having babies? Holding sleeping ones and cute pictures on Pinterest make me think I am ready to dive in head first and do it. Then the sleeping baby starts screaming and my inbox gets flooded with articles about diaper blowouts and reconstructive surgery to get moms to stop peeing every time they sneeze and I can't help but wade back into the shallows of unsurity.

We have always said that we want to be in a place of our own before we board the baby train, but my in-laws are leaving for a mission in April and its just so easy to stay there. I don't really want to, but I think everyone just assumes we will. It's free though, so maybe we should.

The thought of raising babies terrifies me, but it is all I have ever wanted my whole life. I know it will be the hardest and most rewarding thing I will ever do.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Things to do while the NHL is in lockout...

1. Make hot chocolate.
2. Beat the high score on Temple Run.
3. Take naps. Lots of naps.
4. Catch up on DVR.
5. Exercise?
6. Go see the new Twilight.
7. Pin more things you are never going to make.
8. Makeover!
9. Make treats for your friends.
10. Enjoy some marital time with the husband. Ow ow!

Please come back hockey. We are missing you.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I actually do like Halloween. I enjoy dressing up and I love seeing the cute little kids. I just know every year that October means Spooktacular. It's a pretty big event that we put on at my work and it takes a lot of planning and work. It involves a lot of long days and extra effort. It basically makes me plow through October and have no time for much else.  I dread it every autumn. Luckily for me, my sweet boss approved some time off for a rather spur of the moment trip this year. (More on that later) If it hadn't been for that, I don't think I would have survived this October.  Oh, and I also ripped a hole in the thigh of TWO pairs of pants in the same day. Ugh! 

Once spooktacular was over, I was able to enjoy a couple of great October moments

The annual Passey Halloween party that I am usually too beat to attend. 

Carving pumpkins with the family :)

This fantastic photo with my great bffs!

Happy November!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


My house is never quiet.  And if it is for a second, it's not for long.  It is a Tuesday and there are FOUR kids sleeping over.  It's getting a little bit ridiculous.  I can't find a single quiet spot.  Anyone know of a cheap hotel I can spend the rest of the week at? Yikes!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

VACATION (or feeling guilty)

Do you ever feel guilty for something you shouldn't feel guilty for? I'm going on vacation next week to Disneyland. I just went in the beginning of last February. I feel like it is a big expensive vacation that a lot of people never get to take. Some of my nieces and nephews have never been.

I don't know. I just need to remember that I am really loving my life right now. It's nice to be married without any kids and be able to be selfish with our money. One day we won't be able up do fun things. I'm going to appreciate it now.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nothing in particular.

I accidentally subscribed to a month of Hulu+. It is rocking my tv watching world. I'm getting back into a whole bunch of bad shows I had forgotten all about. Teen Mom, anyone?

The husband's hockey season starts today. He is pretty good. He's already scored a goal tonight. {Does that mean I am writing this from the rink? Maybe...} Go Flyers!

I forgot my water bottle today so I got a Dr. Pepper for the first time in years. It reminded me how much dislike soda, especially Dr. Pepper.

I'm baby hungry. {Not to actually eat a baby. Don't be crazy.} If all goes according to the current plan, I am about two years out from actually birthing one. That's a while.

I want to be more stylish. I work with and am friends with some really cute girls. The thing about being chubby is that it's hard to find clothes that fit. And if I do, I buy them, with no regard for style.

The obvious solution is to lose weight. Believe you me, that is definitely the plan. And when I do, I'm buying some cute ankle length pants and some pretty flats. They better stay in style.

I'm not ready for winter. I don't like coats or gloves or boots. I wish I could just wear a light jacket all year long. Perhaps I will try.

My craft page on Pinterest is getting overwhelming. I really need to start tackling some of those. Unless of course someone wants to do some for me. That would be ok.

Ok, back to the game.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Illness of the body? or mind?

I've been sick.  It sucks.  It has also been messing with my brain.  I tried to write "kitchen" on something at work.  Instead, I wrote "parking."  I don't even know where I was going with that.  Then I was trying to be sneaky and get a second free week trial of Hulu+ with a different email and card, but I was fooled.  Oh well though.  It's $8 and I can spend the month catching up on everything I stopped watching when my family went all crazy about the DVR.  Currently, The Office.  

P.S. I love Jim.  

Sunday, September 16, 2012

August and September Fun

August and (so far) September have been full of different events.  I have had a blast, but I am glad to have today for a little relaxation.  

We went camping the first part of August and it was so nice! We got a different spot this time that had a bit more shade and it was so perfect.  Whenever it got hot, we moved our camp chairs to the slow moving river right beside our campsite.  It was nice to pull out a book or magazine and be able to dip your feet into the nice cold water.  We even brought out a card table and played some games.  I learned to ride a little baby motorcycle and the right way to cut a watermelon.  It was a great time all around. 

Later on in the month, we spent some time up at Molly's grandparents cabin.  It was a good time and I really enjoyed being able to be there with great friends.  It seems like our time to see each other is few and far between these days so it was nice to have some uninterrupted girl time.  

September first brought a very eventful day for us.  We started out the morning in Logan for our second year of Man VS Mud.  I wouldn't peg myself for someone who enjoys something like that, but it really is quite a blast.  Getting all covered in mud and doing the obstacles is quite a challenge and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I did get quite the bruise though. I slipped on some tractor tires and have just barely started clearing up from that.  

Later that afternoon, we headed out to Sugar House for my sister-in-law's pig roast.  I think that the idea of the whole thing is kind of disgusting, but it is a good time to get together with friends we don't see often and spend the day socializing.  We made a punch that everyone said was to die for so that was good too. 

I spent Labor Day, and the evening before, at work for one of our annual races.  It is always such a pain, but it seems to pay off in the end.  I'm really grateful to have family who want to help, which makes the process move along smoothly.  

Then the state fair came to town and I spent a fun filled evening there with a whole bunch of my friends.  We go to see the animals, the sideshow freaks, and ride some rides.  Well the rides and freaks were kind of pricey this year so we just went down the giant yellow slide instead.  Molly rode the mechanical bull and I fell down some bleachers. (ouch) Fun was had by all.  

Yesterday was another jam packed day.  My family had a breakfast/lunch party in Sugar House and it was fun to get together and see everyone.  Then we had to get home quick to head up to Logan for the demolition derby.  This has become a tradition for us, and I really enjoy it.  

The fall at Man VS Mud compounded with the fall at the fair has made me a bruised mess.  I think I will spend today resting from all of the fun we've been having and icing my leg. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

I can't believe how long it's been.

I have been such a slacker the latter part of this summer.  It doesn't help that I can't get my phone to connect to my computer.  I just need a new cord, but still.  No original photos this time around.  

Kurt bought tickets to Wicked for our anniversary (with another couple of really good friends) and I couldn't wait to see it.  I have been singing along with the cd since I was in high school.  I had never been to Capitol Theater before and I was so excited. 


 It was phenomenal! I was so impressed! Not only with the acting, but the singing, the costumes, and even the stage! Man, I need to get rich so I can see more musicals.  

Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm a pretty horrible bowler.  You could describe it as awful.  I don't think I have ever won a game.  EVER!  I once wanted to get my own shoes and ball and then I came to my senses and realized it was something I will always be bad at.  Here is the proof. 

46! I got a 46! How does that happen?

Kurt, on the other hand, is awesome.  Like real, real good!  Check this out!

Kurt got 8 strikes in a row! Eight! E-I-G-H-T! He is a bowling machine! I looked hilarious in comparison.  
Maybe our kids have a chance of being good bowlers after all!

Monday, July 9, 2012


I have been a little bit MIA lately and I really don't have a good reason.  I'm not busy, not by any stretch of the imagination.  I think it is time for a little recap of some events of my recent past.   Thank you iphone! 

I went to see Magic Mike with the ladies for girls night.  It was super funny and I had a great time with some great friends. 

Kurt works by the Taffy Town and he went CRAZY one day! I'm still recovering from a taffy overdose!

We had a good time at Hoover Dam but DAMN it was hot! (hehe)

My husband plays blackjack like a PRO! I didn't even get a picture of the big winnings!

Fun times at USANA with a couple of my sisters-in-law. 

We saw Toby Keith and we were in the 3rd row!

I became a big ol' ho and did a little light reading.

Kurt took me to the shooting range.  Don't laugh at my outfit/shoes.  I was ill prepared.

The annual shower party at Parade of Homes.

 My favorite people looking fab at our traditional fireworks at Eaglewood.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Not so much of a fun day

Sunday evenings are always pretty much of a bummer. I enjoy the family time I get to have, but in the back of my mind I can't stop thinking about how another work week is about to start. Now they are even worse. Kurt works graveyard shifts right now and he leaves starts on Sunday nights. I just get used to sleeping with him in my bed over the weekend and I'm back to being alone. Sad. Pathetic really. I'm a big girl, I just miss him at night.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I haven't been sleeping great and it was friday so I took a quarter of a sleeping pill last night.  Not a whole one or even a half.   A quarter.  I slept for 12 hours!  I probably would have gone into a coma if I had taken the whole thing.  Today I am feeling rested and happy to still be living! Ha!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week 52

I can't believe it has already been a year since I started these lists. Time is just flying by. In just 5 more days, I will have been married for 2 years. It seems like it just happened!

Anyway, this list is about things I am currently obsessing over. Pretty easy since I have a slight bit of OCD.

1. Buying a house. Right now we are weighing the options of single family vs townhouse. There are pros and cons to both. I'm not sure yet.  I feel like we are getting closer though.  I'm getting excited.

2. Spending (awake) time with Kurt. I know that it sounds silly but he is back to working graves until his co-worker recovers from a motorcycle accident so the time that we are both awake and together is few and far between.

3. Shorts and sandals. I am so sick of long pants and tennis shoes!  I am just so much more comfortable when I'm not roasting.  Maybe it's super early menopause.  I don't know, but man! I do have to wear a polo at work though and that doesn't help with the heat.

4. My Zoogue iphone cases.  I just had to "like them" on their website and they gave me a code for a free phone case.  I just had to pay shipping.  I bought 6 and used the code on all of them.  I really like the cases too.

5. Babies.  Is everyone having a baby except me right now?  It sure seems like it!  I know that it wouldn't fit into my life plan right now but man am I getting baby hungry!  I just keep telling myself that we are getting a house first!

Thanks weekly lists! Sometimes I have loved you and sometimes I have despised you but I'm happy to say I made it though!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week 51

I'm writing this one from the road on our {annual} trip to Vegas. You would think I would get a little more used to this drive. Anyway,this list is entitled: Wouldn't it be cool if...

1. We won a bunch of money in Vegas and could buy one of the houses that I've been drooling over on the mls.

2. Stay at home moms got paid for the work they do. My career path would be set.

3. I could stop spilling food on every shirt that I own!

4. I could re-do my wedding now that pinterest exists.

5. America valued curvy women like Polynesian countries do.

6. I could have a time share to all the places I want to go.

7. Everyone had a closet like on Clueless and a personal stylist.

8. Dyson made a full body air slice dryer.

9. I could get a 5 year tattoo so I could decide if I really want a permanent one.

10. It was acceptable to wear yoga pants all day every day.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jiffy Pop!

I got to relive a little bit of my childhood again last night.  I have never made popcorn using a jiffy pop before.  I know what you are thinking.  How have you missed that? Especially being the avid camper that you are?  Well, I don't know, but I've done it now and it was GREAT!  I got to share this first time experience with my nephew Kayden.  Here are some photos of the grand event!

He was real excited to be in this photo.
Getting a little more excited as it starts popping.
Oh, the unwrapping! I'm just so excited!
Yummy stale and kind of burned popcorn!
 It was very fun!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Week 50

I'll be honest.  I'm getting bored of making lists.  However, it is also about the only blogging I'm doing lately.  I'm two weeks away from finishing out the year and I can't help but wonder what I will blog about after it's over.  I will work on doing better! 


Week 49

Four Quotes I Know To Be True At 24

1. "I can only please one person per day.  Today I choose me." Sometimes you need to be a little selfish.  People will walk all over you if you aren't willing to put yourself first every once in a while.  

2. "The less you give a damn, the happier you will be."  Sometimes it seems like everyone has an opinion about what is right for you.  Follow your heart and do what you think is best. 

3.  "A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything"  There is a day and night difference from a time when everything is too serious versus a funny time.  Those are the times you remember anyway. 

4. "Your dress should be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to show you're a lady."  Love your body and accept your flaws.  This doesn't mean to stop caring about health, but just be happy with who you are.  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week 48

My cousin Heather has been one of my best friends for a long time.  She has always been there for me and I really appreciate her.  She is the reason I'm glad that families can be friends forever. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 47

Things I've Learned From My Job

 1. The nicer you are to customer service people, the more willing we are to help you. 

 2. The people in charge don't always know what's going on.  

3. Hoodlums come out at night.  

4. Sometimes you have to take precautions to keep honest people honest. 

5. Some rules are made to be broken under the right circumstances. 


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Week 46

What I'd do with an enormous amount of money:

Travel - There are so many places that I want to go and that is the first thing I would do. 

Buy a nice house in a neighborhood I like

Buy my dad a motor home so he could fish whenever and wherever he wanted. 

Set up accounts for my nieces and nephews for when they finish college.

Buy myself a motorcycle

Week 45 {way late}

Last week's list was supposed to be about funny things kids say. I don't have kids. I don't work with kids {at least not until summer} but I do have some pretty cute nieces and nephews. I don't have a "list" but I can say that one of them, after sitting by my sister-in-law for about an hour looked up and said, "I'm done sitting by you." :) Cute kid!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I need an answer.

We found a house that we really like. It is big enough, but not too big. It has room for us to grow into. It is a little out dated but it is liveable. It is in great shape (which is rare in my limited budget). The back yard is nice and has a great patio area. The only problem is that it is in Kaysville. Is that stupid? It's only 12 miles north of where we live now. I feel dumb for making a big deal out of it. I am afraid that we would be too lonely. I fear we would spend all of our time driving back down to Bountiful to be with family and friends. I need some opinions on this. I feel like I have looked at every house in this area, that I could afford, and I can't find anything. I don't know. I am just getting so tired of living with the in-laws. I would really love a space of my own.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week 44

In April I want to:

1. Log what I eat and exercise.  I have been doing very well at this the last couple of weeks and it is really helping. 

2. Cheer up.  I have such a hard time with winter.  It makes me very depressed.  I'm hoping now that it is getting warmer, I will be able to get out and cheer up. 

3. Make progress on getting a house.  Whether it be closing on a house, putting an offer in on one, or just finding at something I like.  

4.  Spend more time with my friends.  They are so busy lately, and I have been so stagnant that I really want to enjoy the time I spend with them. 

5. Stand up for myself.  I am a people pleaser but there are some things I am just not willing to do.  I usually don't say anything because I'm a nice person, but it's getting ridiculous. 

 6. Find a hobby.  Not really find, but spend more time doing the things I enjoy.  No more days that I spend doing nothing.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 43

Yep, two lists in one day.  

My decluttering list:

1. My closet.  I have too much stuff that I never wear.  I really should just give it all away, but I keep rationalizing that I will wear it {or fit into it} sometime soon.  

2. Book shelves in our room.  Just SO. MUCH. CRAP!

3. All of the wedding presents that we haven't been able to unpack and use yet.  Please let me find a home to put them in! 

4. The pantry.  It's the M-I-L's really, but it is too crazy.  I just want to put everything in it's place.  

5. The drawers at work.  There is no organization from drawer to drawer.  It bugs.  But it wouldn't be appreciated so it stays at the bottom of the list. 

Week 42

Things I have learned so far in 2012:

1. I suck at resolutions.  I always have the best intentions.  Bah!

2. House Hunters is not as great as I thought.  They are already in escrow on one of the houses and the other two are just to make you think they are picking. {Watch it can tell.} Lame!

3. I love New Girl.  It is too funny.  My good pal, Andrea, got me into it and Zooey Dechanel reminds me of her so much throughout the show.  

4. We own WAY too many movies.  We don't have enough room for them any more.  

5. My sister-in-law thinks it's okay to make us get rid of our cats so her kid can spend all day at our house.  He has been fine for years and she isn't even willing to talk to me about it.  I'm annoyed.

6. Mosquitoes love me.  And I mean LOVE me!  It is freaking annoying.  My bites are swelling up to the size of a fun sized candy bar.  Random size reference, I know, but whatever. 

7. Kurt's friends have a great influence on him.  I have been telling him to read the Hunger Games forever.  Then one day, his friend Elliot suggested he read it....he started that day, and finished the next...

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Yep, I'm a slacker.  We went to Disneyland the first of February and I haven't blogged about it yet.  It's because I wanted to post pictures and they were all on my phone.  I haven't plugged my phone into the computer in a long, long time.  

Well, today is the day my friends! 

We stayed at the Paradise Pier Hotel and it was so great!  I have never stayed at a Disney hotel before, and I was a little skeptical, but it really worked out so well!  I loved that we just had a short walk to get to Downtown Disney, or we could go through the Grand Californian and head straight into California Adventure.  

This is the view from our hotel room!

We proved that it really is tough to be a bug.

Fish faces on the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

 Kurt didn't want to go on a ride where you do all of the work, but I talked him into it and we had a great time.

Toy Story Midway Mania was one of our favorites.  We rode it 3 times and I won twice.  Yeah!

Yeah, we are silly.

We didn't get to see the fireworks because of wind issues. We did get to see World of Color twice though and we LOVED it.  It was definitely our favorite part!  We would highly recommend it to any and everyone.

I have a ton more pictures, but it looks like this will be it for now.  

P.S. I want to go back already!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 41

List 41: Fours

1. four places you've visited.

2. four things you wish you could get paid to do for a living.

3. four things you are looking forward to.

4. four people who inspire you the most.

My list:

1. Mexico, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Tucson

2. Baking, Pinning on pinterest, Going to Disneyland, crafting

3. Buying a house, Having kids, Scrapbooking my Disneyland pictures, Wearing summer clothes

4. My dad, My husband, My sisters, Other bloggers 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week 40

List 40: The small, medium, and amazing things that happened throughout your week.

1. My great friend Andrea introduced me to the show New Girl and watched a lot of episodes with me.

2. Kurt made me lunch while I was busy getting ready to head out the door.

3. My sister-in-law let me come over to her house and hang out when my weekend was getting a little boring.

4. My father-in-law scraped off my car one snowy morning before I left for work.

5. Kurt made the bed a few days so I wouldn't have to when I got home later those days.

6. My boss let me start what I usually do on Sundays a little early which saved me a lot of time.

7. The sun came out so I could wear shorts and sandals and get out of this stuffy house and into the sunshine.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Tag, I'm It!

My cute friend Leslie tagged me in this post and I am so excited to share it!  She is such a fantastic girl and a great blogger. And what a cute baby she's got, man!

Game Rules:
1. post these rules.
2. post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.

This is the only way I like snow.  From a distance and in summer clothes.

My 11 Random Things:
1. I love feeding ducks, but I'm afraid of the swans and geese that ALWAYS come around. 
2. I think yoga pants are the most comfortable things in the world! I usually change into them when I get home from work. 
3. I eat yogurt and fruit most days for breakfast so all I want on weekends is cereal. 
4. I once won $46 on a $2 bet in roulette.  
5. I can't wait to get a garden! My dad has a definite green thumb and I hope it is genetic.
6. I need my toe nails painted but I always take it off if I paint my fingernails. 
7. I always need to be covered when I sleep.  Even in the middle of summer. 
8. I have never been skiing or snowboarding.  Some kind of Utahn I am, right?
9. I am 3/16ths Native American. 
10. I jumped off a cliff in Mexico and it was very exhilarating!
11. I write in my planner every day, and then never look at it again throughout the day.  Hence, I never get anything done.

11 Questions For Me From Leslie
 1. Favorite food? - Well, right now I am obsessed with Cadbury Mini Eggs.  I can't help it.  They are just SO good!  In general though, I like anything you eat with rice.  I definitely LOVE rice!
2. What's your biggest fear? - I am afraid creepers.  It's real stupid.  I'm am aware.  I just can't handle the idea of being followed or someone looking in my windows or something.  Curse you, scary movies!
3. Who makes you laugh the most? - Kurt does.  He is always teasing me and doing funny things.  I sure like him.  
4. Heels or flats? - Flats.  I would love to say heels, but I just can't do it.  I walk like a bad drag queen in heels.  
5. What did you want to be when you were little? - I wanted to be a film director most of my childhood.  Then when I got a little older, I wanted to be a psychologist.  Now I just want to be a mom.  
6. Who was your first kiss? - Danny Peters...and I was 18.  Don't judge.  I did turn a guy down when I was 16.  Does that make me any cooler?
7. top 3 male/female celebs? - Zooey Deschanel, Jennifer Aniston, Lauren Graham
8. What is your favorite tv show? - Big Bang Theory.  Andrea also recently got me into New Girl and I am loving that too! 
9. Who do you look up to? - My dad.  He is such a great guy and has overcome so much in his life.  He sacrificed a lot for me growing up and I really appreciate it!
10. Favorite cookie? - The plain oatmeal cookie from Great Harvest.  Oh my delicious!
11. Why do you blog? - I don't keep the best journal anymore, and I like that I can look back at the things I have done and share them with great friends. 

11 Questions For You
1. What is your favorite pass time?
2. What was your best trip ever?
3. What is your favorite holiday and why?
4. What song is stuck in your head?
5. What would you buy if you had a 2 minute shopping spree at a grocery store?
6. What would be your superpower?
7. What book are you reading?
8. What is your favorite food?
9. What should you be doing right now?
10. How would you describe your style?
11. Why do you blog?


Thursday, March 1, 2012

List 39

I have been such a blog slacker lately.  I don't have a reason.  I'm just lazy.  I have plenty of time.  I just am neglectful.  I'm sorry blog world.  

This week's list is about songs that I have memories along with them.  This list is super easy because I have many, many, many memories associated with music.  Here are a few:

Sin Wagon - Dixie Chicks
Andrea and I used to listen to the Dixie Chicks all the time and I have very specific memories of slumber parties with the two of us standing on her bed and singing, "I'LL FLY AWAAAAAAY....on a SIN WAGON!"  I definitely didn't know what the song meant, though. 

Down On The Corner - Creedence Clearwater Revival 
Creedence is the music of my childhood.  My mom's parents used to listen to it ALL THE TIME!  Hearing that song takes me right back to being 6 years old, eating fresh grapes and swinging on the swings while the adults sat on the porch with the radio blasting. 

I'm Going Slightly Mad - Queen
Haha! This one is 100% the drive home from California in the middle of the night.  It was me, Molly, Natalie and Andrea on our road trip after graduation.  We had already had so much car trouble, and been stuck for hours in a sobriety check point.  We just wanted to make it back to Vegas and were on the outskirts of the city.  Molly was LITERALLY going slightly mad. 

Here In Your Bedroom - Goldfinger 
Peter was the first one of us to get his drivers license and he spent so much time driving us all around.  Every time I hear this song, I think about hanging out in the Winegar's parking lot and the over powering smell of his cologne.  What a lucky guy, hanging out with all of those cute girls all the time.   

If You Want To Be Happy - Jimmy Soul
This song is so fun and Kurt and I used to listen to it ALL THE TIME!  He would always joke around that he was going to be in trouble because the song says to never make a pretty woman your wife if you want to be happy.  This song makes me think of summer and motorcycle rides and washing the car together.    

Feels Like Home - Chantal Kreviazuk
I had to throw this one in, even though it is cheesy.  This is the song that I walked down the aisle to in our wedding.  I know that it has only been a year and a half, but I can see it in my mind like it was yesterday.  He was SO nervous!  He had hives all over his hands and he was swelling up.  His best man had to remind him to breathe.  He took a breath and looked up, and all of the nervousness went away.  Mine did too.  I love that man. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 38

This week's list is about music that I am obsessively listening to.  To be honest, I have never really been a "musical" person.  I don't sing well.  I tried piano when I was younger, but I hated practicing so I quit. {I'm actually way bummed about that!} My friends listened to the new hipster no name bands and hated it when EVERYONE liked their music.  I just like what is on the radio.  That's the honest truth.  If it has a fun beat and I can sing-along, or dance to it, I like it.  Anyway, my list of music that I am currently into is pretty predictable.  Whatev, I like it.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Week 37

Sorry it's late.  I've been weirdly busy but also had too much free time.  Long story short, I haven't blogged.  Here it is.  


Listening to: Jeff from Survivor while the girls are at tribal council.

Eating: Nothing, but I did have some red velvet cake a little bit ago. 

Drinking: Water

Wearing: My "Boo Crew" t-shirt and some capri yoga pants. Don't judge

Feeling: Sad about not getting the house, but glad we can keep looking.

Weather: Snow/rain mix.  Basically cold.  

Needing: To clean and go to the gym.  I need it!

Thinking: About tomorrow's to-do list.

Enjoying: Spending time with my sweet husband and family.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 36

I am so not ready to be back in the real world! 
I am missing my vacation already.  
(More on that later!) 
I guess it's time to start thinking about what I want to get done this month.  
Here is my list. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 35

This week's post is about people I want to meet.  However, I find it really uncomfortable meeting famous people.  I feel like I am putting them out.  I also feel like I am making a fool of myself.  I don't really WANT to meet anyone.  We are going to Disneyland this week though, and although I dislike mascots a lot, I figured I would make a list of characters I could meet.  Don't count on it though.  ;)


Saturday, January 28, 2012