Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jenna Marbles is my spirit animal.

My inner fat child knows what she's talking about.  

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Anniversary Week

I'm lazy.  No question about it.  Sometimes I don't think my life is blog worthy.  Personal problem, I know. 

We had a pretty great anniversary week a couple weeks ago.  We spent Sunday through Thursday in Las Vegas hanging out in the pool and seeing a couple shows. We have gotten pretty good about avoiding the 112 degree Vegas heat by cooling off in the water. We love the Monte Carlo for many reasons but their pools are definitely one of them. 

We like Cirque du Soleil a lot and try to see a show whenever we can. This time we splurged and saw two.  We really liked Mystere but were a little disappointed by O. We had heard such rave reviews and it really didn't seem to live up to them. 

Thursday through Saturday was spent in St. George with some family.  That was a lot of fun. We were there to see Mary Poppins at Tuachan. It was a beautiful outdoor theater that I really liked.  The play was a little different than the movie but I really liked it.  

Now we are home and it is a different kind of great. :)