Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 42

Things I have learned so far in 2012:

1. I suck at resolutions.  I always have the best intentions.  Bah!

2. House Hunters is not as great as I thought.  They are already in escrow on one of the houses and the other two are just to make you think they are picking. {Watch it can tell.} Lame!

3. I love New Girl.  It is too funny.  My good pal, Andrea, got me into it and Zooey Dechanel reminds me of her so much throughout the show.  

4. We own WAY too many movies.  We don't have enough room for them any more.  

5. My sister-in-law thinks it's okay to make us get rid of our cats so her kid can spend all day at our house.  He has been fine for years and she isn't even willing to talk to me about it.  I'm annoyed.

6. Mosquitoes love me.  And I mean LOVE me!  It is freaking annoying.  My bites are swelling up to the size of a fun sized candy bar.  Random size reference, I know, but whatever. 

7. Kurt's friends have a great influence on him.  I have been telling him to read the Hunger Games forever.  Then one day, his friend Elliot suggested he read it....he started that day, and finished the next...

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