Monday, April 25, 2011

18 Months!

Molly is one of my very best friends.  
She left on her mission in October 2009. 
It seems like AGES since I've seen her. 
My life has changed SO much since she left. 
She is coming home
and I can't wait!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm not being greedy but....

A fixed or established mode or procedure or course of life, usually dull or uncompromising.  This is the dictionary definition of a rut. 

These past few months, I have definitely been in one.  I've been in a home rut, and a crafting rut, and a work rut.  It's starting to become a life rut.   

I'm really grateful for everything that I have, but it just seems like when one good thing happens, three bad things happen immediately after.  I'm just waiting for it all to get easier.  I have a relatively easy life.  It shouldn't be this difficult. 

It all comes back to money.  They say money doesn't buy happiness, but I think it would do a lot to help the cause for me. 

It is time for change.  Something has got to give.