Sunday, December 22, 2013

Big news!

So yeah...I'm a super slacker. I've been busy/lazy/actually busy! Plus it's winter and you know it sucks the life right out of me. The big news is later on in the post so keep reading!

October was filled with Spooktacular craziness. It really makes me despise October. This year wasn't as bad.  I just looked at it differently. It was a lot of work, but I had a lot of help. The long days seemed shorter. Maybe I'm just getting used to it. Mary was quite level headed.  I think that's what helped me stay so calm. Mandy didn't seem like she felt like talking to us much which was really sad. I hope she can feel better soon. 

We got to go to Catching Fire with a big group of friends and that was really fun. We don't get a lot of movies in anymore, so it's nice to get everyone together and have a good time. The group was kind of a modge podge of people and I think that was really great. 

Kurt and I chaperoned a trip to Idaho Falls with Bobbi and Tanner for Tanner's hockey team. It was fun to watch the team play, and they did a really great job. Not so fun was the freezing ass cold ice rink they have there.  I spend plenty of time at ice rinks so I thought I would be a little more prepared. We ended up having to go buy another layer of clothes as well as gloves and hand warmers so we didn't straight up freeze to death. Unprepared. That's the lesson.  I was unprepared. 

Thanksgiving came and was a bit crazy. I spent the night before and the morning of at my work getting ready for the morning race. It was really fun, although I was anxious to get it over with to get on with my day. We had to be in Centerville by 11AM and then to Toelle by 1:30 PM. Meanwhile, Kurt had to get some sleep so he could work that night. BUSY DAY! 

Black Friday came next and man did it! Mary picked up me and Bobbi while it was still very dark and we headed to breakfast. Then it was on to the stores! We literally shopped until I thought I might drop. We got home just in time for dinner. Long long day. I really missed having Mandy there.  It was very different without her. 

Kurt and I then celebrated our birthdays with family and friends. I don't think I'm having anymore of them though.  I'm pretty much done. :) 

Oh yeah...we bought a house! That's right! Pictures to come!