Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week 51

I'm writing this one from the road on our {annual} trip to Vegas. You would think I would get a little more used to this drive. Anyway,this list is entitled: Wouldn't it be cool if...

1. We won a bunch of money in Vegas and could buy one of the houses that I've been drooling over on the mls.

2. Stay at home moms got paid for the work they do. My career path would be set.

3. I could stop spilling food on every shirt that I own!

4. I could re-do my wedding now that pinterest exists.

5. America valued curvy women like Polynesian countries do.

6. I could have a time share to all the places I want to go.

7. Everyone had a closet like on Clueless and a personal stylist.

8. Dyson made a full body air slice dryer.

9. I could get a 5 year tattoo so I could decide if I really want a permanent one.

10. It was acceptable to wear yoga pants all day every day.

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