Kurt began working for the rec center in February 2007.  I'd been there since May of 2005.  I remember seeing him and thinking he was so bad ass.  He'd ride into work on his motorcycle and had a bunch of tattoos.  He was just too cool to talk to.  My friend Molly and I were totally crushing on him.  We thought that he was so good looking but never actually thought anything would happen.
           In early 2007 our work friendship was starting to bloom.  He would spend time around the front desk and chat with all of us.  He was such a stud.  All of a sudden, he asked for help designing a tattoo of his soon to be wife, Stefani's nameI was so bummed but I remember joking, "You're getting a tattoo of my name? That's so nice.  Oh but you spelled it wrong."  and I'm also pretty sure that I said something to the effect of "yeah we'll be married someday."  He doesn't remember such things, but he wasn't nearly as enamored with me as I was with him, so you can see why he doesn't remember.  I did joke with his sister about us getting married, but apparently when the message was relayed, it sounded a little bit more like a creeper than a joke. (Thanks Heather)
           So then Kurt left and got married.  I like to think of it as the dark ages.  I'm not really sure what happened in my life at this point because I don't exactly remember him being gone.  I must have gotten over him because he was getting married and I knew he was just too bad ass for me in the first place.  I'm no home wrecker. 
            Fall of 2007, Kurt came back.  It was great because I really didn't expect to see him again.  Molly and I spend that year at the rec center just in a complete crushing state.  He was adorable and thought he was all bad, which of course, I was totally into.  It was a really slow year.  Not a lot happened other than really slow flirting.  It was hardly anything at all.  
          Sometime in the late summer of 2008 a work friend finally told Kurt that I was into him.  I cannot believe he didn't know.  EVERYONE knew.  Even the management knew. Fall of  2008, Kurt's friend Tyler left on his mission.  I'd worked with Tyler for a while, so I went to the farewell.  Kurt was there so I made a bold move and took his number out of a friend's phone and started texting him anonymously.  Once he found out that it was me, he began to finally kick the flirting up a notch. The thing is, that I was dating someone at the time. Things work out the way they are supposed to because right about this time, I found out that my boyfriend was a total loser.  Lucky for me, Kurt was there for me.  
          We dated until May of 2009 when he proposed to me at Lake Tahoe.  It was sort of a conditional proposal, stating that it wouldn't be for quite some time before we actually got married.  In theory, it was a great idea, but in reality, it drove me crazy.  Alas, with a little bit of compromise, we got married June 11th, 2010. :)