Saturday, April 14, 2012

I need an answer.

We found a house that we really like. It is big enough, but not too big. It has room for us to grow into. It is a little out dated but it is liveable. It is in great shape (which is rare in my limited budget). The back yard is nice and has a great patio area. The only problem is that it is in Kaysville. Is that stupid? It's only 12 miles north of where we live now. I feel dumb for making a big deal out of it. I am afraid that we would be too lonely. I fear we would spend all of our time driving back down to Bountiful to be with family and friends. I need some opinions on this. I feel like I have looked at every house in this area, that I could afford, and I can't find anything. I don't know. I am just getting so tired of living with the in-laws. I would really love a space of my own.

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  1. Steph, you really should come look in my neighborhood. Lots for sale from condos to homes to build your own. Good pricing too. 199-220 range? I don't know what your wanting to spend but come look. Foxboro north wood side homes. 1100 n off redwood road. North salt lake