Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's official.

I am not a good girl any more.  I am officially a badass.  Kidding :) but I did finally go and get my tattoo.  You may recall my last experience, which you can also read about hereYesterday, I put on my brave face and my big girl panties and just went and did it.  Kurt took some photos to document the experience.  

Here I am filling out the paperwork.  There is still time to back out. (Spoiler: I don't.)

 That's Clark Snyder back there from Ironclad and he did an awesome job.  He didn't even laugh at me when I cried a little. Don't look too close or you can totally tell. (Sorry about the boobage. There isn't much I can do about it at this point in my life.)

 Here it is finished and bleeding.  Gruesome, I know. 

Here is a picture from a couple hours later.  It's still red and swollen, but it's looking better already.

 Here I am today, looking fly. It's healing nicely so far.

In conclusion, yes, it hurt.  Much less than I was anticipating though.  Most of it wasn't bad, but they stem was a little hard to handle.  Overall, it was a great first experience and I'll probably end up getting another at some point in my life. Currently, I'm lotioning it up a lot and looking forward to summer where I can show it off a little more.

Winter camping or snow hates me and I hate it back.

The most recent trip up to Molly & Erin's cabin was quite different than most. It was SNOWY! Normally we can drive all the way up into the driveway, but this time we had to pack all of our stuff and hike in. That limited our activities like four wheeling. It's too bad. It's my favorite thing up there.

Instead, we spent a lot of time chilling in our leggings and playing games. We stayed up real late talking about boys and friends and our futures. Andrea and Molly suited up in some fabulous old snow suits and had way too much fun outside. I really love those girls.

Kurt surprised me and came up the last night. It was really great to see him and definitely helped me have more fun since I didn't have to be sad about missing him. He left this for me before I left. I adore him.

I love going to the cabin, but I think it's definitely a Summer/Fall activity from here on out. :)

"Do you know what we need? A kite!"

That is what I said on a windy afternoon that prompted my super sweet husband to take a trip to Dollar Tree to buy this gem. 

We headed up to the church parking lot and had a great time. We did look a little bit crazy, but we had a lot of fun.

$1 adventures are the best kind!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

BFF Birthday & Jurassic Park

Today is my BFF Natalie's 25th birthday and the last birthday she will spend away on her mission. We sent her a birthday banner and mini versions of cardboard us to spend the day with her. I hope she liked them! I miss her like crazy and I can't wait for her to come back. She adds an element of fun to my life that has been missing. The time apart has moved quickly for the most part, but some days and weeks I'm really missing her. We have been great pen pals and I'm ready to bring this friendship back to reality. July 30th can't come soon enough

In other news, I saw Jurassic Park 3D last night. I normally hate 3D movies but I had to see it. It's Jurassic Park! It was actually very good and I liked it much more than the standard version.