Sunday, September 29, 2013

A peaceful reminder.

My niece Bobbi invited me to go to the General Relief Society Meeting with her at the conference center in Salt Lake yesterday.  It's kind of out of character for me, but she didn't want to go alone, and I'm definitely not against religion in any way, so I decided to go.  

It's funny how things like that can speak to you so personally. It seemed as though all of the speakers had written their talks directly for me. They touched my heart so strongly. It was definitely a nice little reminder from God that I'm not forgotten. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

busy busy weekends

It is nice to get out and have fun, but sometimes a nice quiet weekend at home is just as great.  Our last few weekends have been nuts! 

The 24th was a fun night.  Kurt planned a super secret date night that really got me out of my comfort zone.  We went to a murder mystery dinner out in a hotel in West Valley. When he finally told me what we were doing, my heart started to race.  I don't like socializing with people I don't know, let alone risking having to be a part of the show.  Luckily we just had a nice dinner and got to watch the mystery unfold.  Participation wasn't necessarily mandatory.  

We spent the night of the 30th up at a hotel in Logan so we could be up bright and early for Man VS Mud the next morning.  This was our third year running this race and we had a lot of fun.  They added a few obstacles this time, and one of them nearly killed me.  It was basically an army crawl through ice water.  It wasn't too bad when I stepped in, but once my body got submerged, I think my lungs froze.  It felt like I was literally fighting for my life.  

Once we thawed out, it was time to head up to the Heber Valley Camp, where my in-laws are missionaries.  The family got to spend a night up there in the cabins and it was a lot of fun.  We also got to climb up a 20 foot log, shimmy across a tight rope, then zipline down.  It was difficult, but a lot of fun!  Kurt, Tanner and a few of the little kids then took accidental long hike, which was just about the last thing they wanted to do after the mud run.   

On the sixth I had the opportunity to be an extra in a movie called, "'Till Blood Do Us Part."  My bestie Andrea's little brother David is making a legit movie for film festivals and that kind of stuff.  He's such a champ and I was happy to get all dressed up and help.  

Right after that I headed up to Molly's cabin with Molly, Brittney, Natalie, Andrea and Erin.  We have so much fun up there and this time was no different.  We rode ATVs and sat on the porch and listened to the rain.  We got to be present for Natalie's inaugural viewing of Pitch Perfect. Molly, Andrea and I got in a little extra BFF time in the middle of the night laying on the tennis courts watching the stars and figuring out life's dilemmas.    

I came home just in time to accompany Kurt to go get his tattoo worked on.  It's looking cooler and should be done pretty shortly.  

Needless to say, I'm ready for a quiet weekend home with my man.  Anyone who tries to get in the way of that this weekend had better watch it. :) 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Those wizards are missing out.

I have been waiting 15 years for my letter to come. Maybe I'll finally have to be okay with just being a muggle. :(