Friday, November 18, 2011

Flashback Friday

Molly is a great example to me.  She is honest, and sweet, and incredibly fun to be around.  She knows what is right, and what she wants in life, and she never wavers from it.  I love her for that. 
We are very similar as far as personality goes.  We once took the color test and our outcomes were just about exactly the same - white/blue.  She's my little white friend.  We enjoy the same things, we get frustrated at the same things, and we vent the same way.  She is very good for me, because I can always guess that she is feeling about the same way I am in any given situation.

 She recently returned from serving a mission, and I am so proud of her for that.  She did a lot of good while she was there, and it was a great experience for her.  I was such a faithful pen pal to her while she was gone.  I was really bummed that she missed my wedding while she was out there, but hearing from her each week made it seem like she was there with me.

She is so goofy.  She is always making me pose for pictures with her, and we always look hilarious.  We make the same faces every time, but we still enjoy it.  She thinks I am hilarious.  She is always laughing at my jokes, even when other people just don't listen.  She brings out the funny side in me.

I am so grateful to Molly for showing me that life doesn't always have to be hard.  You can take time out from your busy schedule to have a little fun.  On a hot summer day, stuck in traffic with no AC, she would crank up the radio, then sing and dance to anything with a great beat.  I love her!

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