Friday, November 4, 2011

Flashback Friday

If you know me, you know that Beth Anne over at Heir To Blair is my blogging idol.  She is hilarious and I love her style.  She does this thing called Flashback Fridays and I thought that was a wonderful and fun idea.  Look out friends.  It's about to get real good looking around here.

I met Andrea in elementary school.  In fact, I hated her when we met.  We were only friends through another friend, but we quickly became great pals. 
We have been through thick and thin together. 

I walked completely the wrong direction home after school with her, just so we could spend time together.  

There were times when we couldn't seem to get along, but we always got over it.
I always knew she would continually be a part of my life.  I hope she always will be.

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