Saturday, March 19, 2011

You can call me Martha.

I spent the afternoon crafting today, and I actually accomplished something.  Not just something, but TWO things.  This is quite rare.  Rare enough that I think
I must share it. 

First up is an apron that I started a while ago.  I got about half way done, and put it away.  It hadn't been seen since, until today, when I found it, and decided it needed to be finished. Technically, it came in a kit that you just have to cut out, iron, and sew together, which is kind of like cheating, but it was real cute.  The good thing about the kit is that now I can re-create it whenever I like.  The model here is my nephew who made me promise not to show his face...teenagers....

Second is a pot holder car kit.  I made one for my car, and one for Kurt's car.  I saw one of these in Natalie's car, and knew I needed to make it.  It was super easy!  All it took was a (thin) pot holder, a button, 8 snack sized ziplock bags, and a ribbon.  Mine contains: Colgate wisps, nail clippers, tweezers, safety pins, gum, flossers, q-tips, bandaids, neosporin, bobby pins, pony tails, chapstick, emergency cash, antacids, and tylenol. 

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  1. So you don't know me but I randomly found your blog while searching car emergency kit out of potholder... or something like that. I found this post! I love yours!! And I LOVE your blog. I just spent forever reading it... don't be freaked out, ok? Haha. I'm not a crazy stalker... just a girl that also lives in utah, that also loves crafting. Thanks for the entertainment and I now want to make a calendar board like you did. SO CUTE!!