Sunday, April 25, 2010

Damn Gina!

Dates - Kurt and I live in the same house.  We see each other for hours every day.  We also go out to eat a lot.  However, there is something special about a date.  It's fun to get dressed up and have it just be the two of us.  It's a good way to keep our relationship fresh and fun.

Diet Coke - Although we're taking a little break until the wedding is over, I do love me some diet coke.  Specifically from Wendy's.  For some reason they seem to have the best tasting samples of this godly nectar.

Death Race 2000 (the original) - Made in 1975, this futuristic movie is awesome! It's set in the year 2000 where hit and run driving is no longer a felony, it's a national sport.  It's a race across the country and you get point for how many people you hit.  Children and the elderly are bonus points! 

Dance Parties - With my friends, you never know when a dance party is going to break out.  My sweet little Molly is great.  Her cute dancing is one of the biggest things I miss about her while she's on her mission.

Disneyland - I'm not going to lie.  I tried to convince Kurt that this should be our honeymoon.  It really is a magical place.  I could spend a whole week there.  I really want to go around Halloween time and Christmas time.  

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