Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just call me Superstar

Sewing - I love to sew.  I'm not very good, but I really enjoy it.  My grandma gave me a sewing machine for graduation, and that was a perfect gift.  I want to be good enough to make cute clothes when I have kids and stuff.  Fun!

Sandals - I love not having to wear shoes.  Sandals are practically that.  Comfortable and easy to wear.  Slip them on, slip them off.  It's great.  

Summer - I truly HATE the cold.  That makes me love summer even more!  I love camping, and motorcycle rides.  I love swimming and getting a nice tan.  Summer is always vacation time for me and I love that. 

Suckers - This one is random and specific.  I love the Jolly Rancher Valentines Suckers.  This year I stocked up so I can have enough to last me through the year.  I'm considering going and buying more just in case.  Haha!

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