Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's In Yours?

I've been seeing a lot of  "What's In Yours?" posts around my blog-o-sphere lately, and it looked kind of fun, so I decided to give it a shot.  Here we go...

First up on the left is my planner.  I know what you're thinking, I see a phone over there, why do you need a planner?  The short answer is: I don't.  The long answer is: I've been using a planner for years, and I just like to write things down.  Even if I put it in my phone too, a little OCD part of me, needs me to physically put it on paper.

Next up is a pair of headphones in case I decide to hit the gym.  More often than not, they stay in my bag.  I've got a tube of Burt's Bees because I can't go anywhere without it.  An extra eyeliner, a hair comb, and a compact come next, just in case I need a little touch-up.  I've also got a hair band and some bobby pins for a bad hair day.  

There's a pair of cheap Walmart sunglasses.  They get jostled around a lot, so I just can't keep good ones around for very long.  Speaking of cheap, there is an air force services sewing kit in there.  I stole it from my father-in-law.  Don't worry, he won't mind. 

I've got four pens and a pencil in there.  One is red, for work stuff, and the rest...I can't explain.  I'm a pen hoarder.  Usually though, I can't find one in my bag.  They like to hide deep down in there. 

That lotion in there is Watermelon Tease from Victoria's Secret.  It was my favorite about 5 years ago, and I recently found it in the storage shed.  I decided to give it another try. 

The Wednesday Letters, the current book I'm reading.  I found it at Seagull for $1.99 and just had to buy it.  I can't turn down a good deal.  So far it's pretty good.  Keep your eyes open for a book review in a few posts. 

And then there are the usuals, my plain snap wallet, my keys, and my pretty phone, Stella. 

That's what's in my bag! What's in yours?

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