Monday, October 3, 2011

Little Miss Domestic

I spent a portion of my evening making some cookies from a box from scratch. So of course I tasted the dough. Something very strange happened. After tasting it, I knew what ingredient I needed to add to make it better. Am I actually becoming a woman? This is a quality that moms and bakers have.  I am neither.  What the?! 

That isn't all I've been up to. I spent part of the weekend crafting with Kurt's sisters. I made these gems.


  1. haha Steph! Ah youre funny. I forget how funny you are. You crossed out from a box? Something very strange happened? Come on! If anyone ever says youre not funny, they're wrong. And way to become a baker.

  2. Steph, Darling crafts!! I love them!! I would love to make those..I wish I had crafty sisters. Good Job!