Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sometimes I write here.

Ten things preoccupying me from blogging.

1. New second job. Being away from home for eleven hours a day makes me tired! 

2. My good ol' husband. We're only in the same place for four hours a day so I try to make the most of it. 

3. Besties. Being an adult and having to schedule in time for friends is lame. I don't see them enough. 

4. Game of Thrones. The season just ended and it's going to be a long ten months without it!

5. Sleeping. Long days, short nights.  Zzzzzzzzz!

6. Fiiz. This place is becoming a habit. I'm not too sad about that. 

7. My cat.  Oh Kitty whose name I may be considering changing to Kittendor. He likes to snuggle. 

8. Harry Potter.  I'm going through a phase...again. 

9. Decorating. I'm loving summer decor right now. Can it stay sunny forever? 

10. Oh yeah, I'm lazy as hell. 

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