Saturday, February 23, 2013

Let It Be

One week ago, about this exact time, a wonderful person was taken from this world.  Doug Bangerter was my sister-in-law's husband and I will miss him deeply. 

Doug was a fantastic father and husband.  I have never seen him upset for more than two minutes.  He made friends everywhere he went.  He cared so deeply about his family, that he put them before anything else.  He spent early mornings and late nights at the ice rink because he loved his kids.  He worked two jobs to support his family.  Doug could fix anything and was always tinkering with anything mechanical.  He helped me buy my car, and he helped me with many life lessons in the five short years that I knew him.  

I hope that I can be an example of Doug's sweet spirit now that he has passed.  I want to be there for his family and assist in any possible thing that they could need.  I want to have his care for people.  He was so genuine and took the time to talk and help anyone with anything they needed.  He was such a hard worker.  He made everything fun. 

He opened his heart to me and welcomed me into his family with open arms.  I hope his welcoming on the other side was just as great.  He lived an amazing life and I have no doubt that he is in a better place now.  I can't imagine a world without this wonderful man. There is laughter missing from my world.  My children will be worse off because they didn't know Doug.  I can only hope that he can love them for me before they are mine.  

Goodbye for now, my friend.  I will think of you when I'm camping.   I will think of you at hockey games.  I will think of you when we buy a house that needs fixing.  I will think of your laugh.  I think that is what I will miss the most.  

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