Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mixed Feelings

I have had mixed feelings about Kurt working graves since he took the job. 

At first, I was sad.  I thought I would never see him if we had such differing schedules. 

Then once it started, I realized it was ok because the only time he isn't home, is when I'm asleep.  Therefore I could hang out with him more hours in the day. 

A few weeks in it is starting to wear on me.  I feel like I wake up in the mornings and go to work.  Once that is over I come lay down with Kurt.  Once he wakes up we cuddle and watch movies.  Then he usually takes another nap and heads to work. 

The problem here is, I feel like to see Kurt at all, I am confined to my bedroom for the entire day.  I love my in-laws, but I am ready to be alone.  I am becoming less and less patient with everyone.  The noice is really getting to me.  I feel like I have to stay downstairs to get away from it. 

I am insanely bored lately.  I need to get out and do something fun.  Not to mention, I need my own place.  Ugh!

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