Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 - A Year In Review

2011 has been a pretty good year for me.  I can only hope that 2012 will be just as good, if not better.  Here are a few of the highlights.

January - I went to my first dance club with my sister in law and her friends.  We went bowling for Atticus' 3rd birthday party. We finally got health insurance! We welcomed baby Izelle to our good friend's family, and we took some real attractive photos on the way to a co-worker's wedding.

February - We started our home search by putting in two different offers.  I went to a great production of Les Miserables at my alma mater with my pal Natalie.  Then we ate a so-so dinner and saw a cartoon movie for a great Valentine's Day. 

March - I got my first facial.  We put in another house offer. We had a Jaws marathon, and I helped put fog lights into Kurt's car.  We went to my first (and hopefully last) arena football game, and we got stuck in vacuum hell with the Kirby saleswoman.

 April - I read the Hunger Games series, and spent a lot of time cleaning.  I even took a magic eraser to the walls.  We spent some time hanging out on the roof deck of the Green Pig, and I went to my first performance at Desert Star.  Best of all, my BFF Molly came home from her mission!

May - We put in yet another offer on a house.  I went to the chalk art festival with Molly.  I hosted a birthday party for Natalie and Brittney where we jammed on Rock Band, and danced like crazy on the Michael Jackson Experience.  We helped our friends move, and Kurt went to a crazy bachelor party.

June - We went to a crazy wedding (the bachelor party should have tipped us off) and stayed overnight in Park City.  We had our 1st anniversary in Vegas where we saw two great cirque shows.  Kurt got to see Motley Crue in concert, and I got an awesome rate when I refinanced my car.  We had a great time at the Transformers midnight showing with Kurt's work friends.

July - We went to our favorite camping place, Willow Flats.  We partied at Boondocks, and went to the Harry Potter midnight showing.  We went to my family reunion, and then I spent the weekend at a cabin in Heber with my friends.  My BFF Andrea came home from France, and I played my first game of baseball since Jr. High at her birthday party.

August - I spent a fun day at Lagoon with my good pal Erin, and had a tasty lunch at Summerfest.  We went to Toad's Fun Zone, and got our Iphones!  I oogled houses at the Parade of Homes, and went to a 3rd birthday pool party for adorable William.  We went to my first Bees game, and had a good time at the drive inn.  I also attended a great first viewing of Titanic for my friend Brittney.

September - We started off the month with the Man VS Mud run.  I gave blood with Molly, and then had a BBQ at our house with friends.  We went to Logan for the demolition derby, and painted our bedroom.  I went to the Big and Rich concert with some of my sisters in law, and took my first trip to The Wood Connection. 

October - I witnessed a flash mob, and saw The Help.  I went to my first "Slumber Party" and spent way more than I should have.  I had a good time at the corn maze, and partied at Witches Night Out.  I worked, worked, worked and finally got through Spooktacular.  I went to the SLC Ghost tour, and went to my first Halloween party in years.

November - I enjoyed my niece's Thriller flash mob, along with my favorite cupcakes from Sugar Daisy.  I spent 10 days making Amish Friendship Bread and probably just as much time sewing Christmas presents.  I had a Twilight movie marathon in preparation for the Midnight showing of Breaking Dawn.  We had two Thanksgivings and then went crazy on Black Friday.

December - We started out the month with my first dinner party, and made gingerbread houses for my birthday.  We went up to the mountains and cut down a Christmas tree.  Another first for me.  Kurt got a new job! And we went to many Christmas parties, including a great ugly sweater party.  I spent the month making crafts and finished the year at a fun New Years Eve party.

It was a great year! I hope 2012 is just as good!

P.S. I spent a ridiculously long amount of time fighting with my computer to get these pictures on here, so please appreciate them and ignore the spacing issues that I have tried to fix, but cannot :)

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