Sunday, August 22, 2010

Now It's Time For....

Natalie - This lady is one party animal.  I love being around her because she is always up for whatever.  She's so much fun.  She is very accepting and I love her because of that.  We've been pals since high school and even though some of the times have been rocky, I know that she'll always be there for me through thick and thin. I adore her. 

Newsies -Oh man.  Back in the jr high days I watched Newsies all the time.  We were never smart enough to just go buy it, so we'd rent it at Top Hat over and over and over.  We probably warped the dvd or something.  But mmm mmm that Jack Kelly. It leaves me singing a tune just thinking about it. 

Nascar - Now don't judge.  I am a redneck at heart.  I love going out to Vegas for the races.  It's like grown up girl bonding time for Heather and I.  It is also nice to spend some time with other rednecks, because we are much less redneck in comparison!

New Years Eve - I love tradition.  I love that every New Years Eve my friends and I light a fire and burn the previous year.  We bring things to symbolize the past year and toss them in as an attempt to make new resolutions.  I also loved spending New Years Eve partially with Kurt's friends this year.  Completely different experience, same good time. :)

Naps - (Shut it, Mary!)  I am a lover of naps.  I can't help it.  Sleeping in the afternoon is the best!  Getting up early like I have been the last few months has made this love affair even deeper.  Napping with Kurt or my cat is even better. 

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