Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hangover - No, not having one... I mean the movie! I have never watched a more quotable movie in all my life.  I can't help but crack up each and every time I watch it.  When I watch it I keep saying, "This is the best part!" over and over!  I can't pick one.  I just love it all SO much!  
Heather - This girl is amazing!  She's been such a great friend to me and has always supported me in whatever I've wanted.  She never treats me like a child, and she trusts me with her secrets.  It's good to have family that are your friends, and I know she always will be. 

Heart Attacking - Who doesn't enjoy hearing how much someone loves them?  I really enjoy posting hearts all over someone's room, or door, or car with reasons that I love them.  It's fun to see how many reasons I can come up with, and to see how happy they get when they see it. 
House Bunny - Oh Anna Faris, you slay me!  Who would have thought that a movie about geeky girls trying to keep their lame sorority would be so great.  I didn't.  However, when Shelly yells out, "SWEET BALLS!" I lose it every time!

Holidays - I know you're thinking, "Who doesn't?" but my reason is different.  I really ABHOR working the front desk on holidays, but many holidays at the rec center mean special events.  I do quite enjoy working those.  It's fun to do something different and mix it up a little bit. 

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