Saturday, July 19, 2014

Feeling Ambitious

Kurt and I spent one ambitious {HOT!} Saturday under the carport working on this project that helped brighten up our dining room space. We're really enjoying the pop of color when we walk in the door. 

First, we had to take the topcoat off of the table.  We used a thick deglosser to pull out the moisture. We did a little sanding around the edges and a few spots that didn't take the deglosser as well. We wiped off the dust and then gave it a once over with mineral spirits to get it nice and clean. 

While that was drying we removed the seat cushions (notice this badass using the motorcycle as a work bench) and deglossed the middle portion of the chairs so they would be ready for staining. We stained them with Minwax Polyshades Espresso Gloss Stain and Poly in One. 

While that was drying, we went inside to cool down and while we were there we reupholstered the cushions with nothing more than a little {red tag clearanced!} fabric and a staple gun. 

We covered the stained portions with plastic and used Rustoleum Spray Filler Primer in Gray to prime everywhere we were going to paint. It took a little over two cans to prime the table and six chairs.  

I forgot to take pictures of the painting process! My dear friend Natalie came over and happily picked up a brush with us in the heat to help get it all complete. After a bit of cleanup and reassembling the chairs, our dining room looks like a whole different place! 

Next up is pulling up the carpet and refinishing the wood floors! 

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