Saturday, November 6, 2010

Party On

Procrastination - Ok, so maybe I don't love this, but you've probably noticed that my blog has been a little bit bare these last few months.  I'm lazy.  I don't really have a lot going on right now so there isn't much to write about.  

Pushing Daisies -This show is amazing.  The dialog is so fun and it's set in such a beautiful world.  I got so emotionally attached to the characters.  It's such a shame that it only went on for 2 seasons.  However, I have both so I can watch it whenever I want.

Purple - Everything in my life right now is always purple.  I would love to paint our room purple, but now I'm married.  Boys don't enjoy that kind of thing.   I can't wait to get my own house so I can decorate parts of it however I want. 

Post Secret - I have been checking Post Secret every Sunday for years.  I think it is such a great project that everyone can be a part of.  I love that it lets people release their secrets into the world for other people to hear. 

Property Virgins - I just discovered this show last night but I really liked it.  It's all about people going through a bunch of houses and eventually buying their first house.  It feeds my addiction to finding a place for us.

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